Multitasking Mechanics and Milling

Our last generation multitasking machines offer advanced features in terms of flexibility and precision.

The multitasking machines "done in one" integrate in a single process all the operations of turning, milling, drilling, tapping, deep drilling, inclined and 5-axis manufacturing.


To meet the increasing demands of our Clients, in 2013 we created a department for high precision rectifications.

The rectifications are handled by professional operators with decades of experience in the tool machine sector and in particular in the area of spindles and electrospindles.

Cams is able to guarantee tolerances and errors within 0.002 mm.


Workable dimensions:

  • Length: max 2.600
  • Outside diameters: max 550
  • Inside diameters: max 400

Deep Drilling

We realize in axis and off-axis deep drillings with diameters from 1.5 mm to 45 mm, up to lengths of 800 mm.


Lapping by plans provides surfaces with flatness within 0.002 mm for components up to 360 mm in diameter.

Laser Labeling

Fiber hybrid Laser Machine enables high quality labeling on a wide range of products and materials, engraving, barcodes writing, dates, strings, serial numbers and logos on various surfaces.


Competence and years of experience to offer a complete service oriented to excellence.